CMGRA New Hospital Presentation to Town Council

The following is a summary of Anthony Molinaro's presentation to Town Council on March 4, 2010.

 The Chartwell-Maple Grove Residents Association represents approx. 1600 households in southeast Oakville.

The majority of our members are fully supportive and believe Oakville needs a new hospital and that this project needs to move forward. Our residents understand and are willing to commit financially to build this hospital, with the express expectation that their money will be spent in an efficient and responsible manner

 Some concerns that we would like to see examined regarding costs, contribution and Local Share.

1 - Based on the information we have seen, the cost of this hospital appears to be far higher than that of any other proposed or approved facility. Click here for cost comparison and refer to cost per bed numbers.
We do not claim to be experts at the costing of hospitals, but the basic numbers seem to indicate that the cost of this project, on a simple dollars-per-bed basis, is far higher than similar projects in other communities. 
2 The requested municipal contribution is the largest we could find.  Again, when compared to similar projects under way.  This $200 million amounts to over $3000 per household.  3 Times the amount of the next highest community
3 - This proposed hospital looks to be a state of the art facility that will offer services that aren’t available in other Halton hospitals. Is there any intention to expand the financing to include a portion from Halton?
It should be reiterated that we fully support the building of a new hospital.  We just think that these questions need to be answered, and we trust that you, our elected representatives will pursue those answers and share them with us.
Two requests
1 - Why is the board position for the Town of Oakville on the HHS Board of Directors currently vacant?
2 - Given the size of the contribution is close to the same amount as the operating budget, is it possible to form a Council sub-committee to investigate options/concerns much like is done for the budget.