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Thank you for joining or renewing your membership. CMGRA represents residents living in the area bordered by the Queen Elizabeth Way on the north, Lake Ontario on the south, Chartwell Road on the west, and Maple Grove Drive on the east. Your support will help us remain an important voice in our community and continue our work on issues that affect our neighbourhood and our town.

The annual individual membership fee is $25.00. Membership fees will be used to cover administration fees including insurance.

Chartwell-Maple Grove Residents Association Membership Sign-up Form


The annual fee per individual is $25.00.

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Should you live outside our boundaries, please contact one of the following nearby residents' associations:

  • East of Maple Grove and south of Royal Windsor, contact JCRA
  • North of Royal Windsor, east of Ford Drive, and south of QEW, contact COCA
  • Chartwell  Road to Sixteen Mile Creek, south of QEW, and north of Lakeshore Road, contact TCRA
  • South of Lakeshore Road, west of Chartwell Road to Sixteen Mile Creek,contact OLRA